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Snowfoot Kennel is a small mid distance racing kennel located in Northern Wisconsin.I have been mushing since 1979 and currently have 11 Alaskan Huskies. They are Bug, my main lead dog, Merlin, Happy, Zeus, Bernie, George,Tynan,Woofy,Gemma,Dot and Taz. The queen of the dog yard and official Snowfoot mascot is Cricket, our 2 year old Pomeranian. She has no idea that she in fact weighs 6 pounds and is not a sled dog.
My dogs are first and foremost my friends,- my primary concern being sociability, a solid working history and a happy, well trained and responsive team. With our increasingly warm winters, our black colored dogs are now wearing a thin jacket of white material to reflect heat and prevent overheating. (See the links page for more info on "Black Dogs"
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About me
I live in northern Wisconsin with my husband Rod, our 10 sled dogs, 1 Pomeranian, and various amphibians including a Cane toad named Hazel, 2 Oriental Fire Bellied toads, and an African Clawed frog named Claude... I am a bead/ jewelry artist, an avid reader of science fiction and lover of exotic cactus and succulents. My husband is a landscaper and also loves to read and garden.
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Name: Sarah
Contact details: Wisconsin Musherpumpkin@hotmail.com
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